An international relocation is a complex process that needs to be controlled and any problems solved along the way. Dealing with multiple players, who are not in contact with each other, can become a hassle especially when every detail affects every other;
We want to take that hassle away from you, so you can concentrate in the things that matter the most;
By integrating service partners and services, you will have full information and visibility, through one point of contact, who will make sure everything runs timely and smoothly.

G-Inter Alliance manages global mobility services throughout Latin America, providing an endto-service, regardless of the country of origin or destination.

G-Inter Alliance gives each client full control of the processes through a web platform system, for status display, deadline control, document copies and permanent update of the expatriation process;
With a single point of contact for the executive client, and local or global contacts for the corporate client, we provide a flexible service designed for your individual needs;
Customized invoicing requirements? We can do it too!

Never Lose Sight

In today’s fast-paced world, nothing is more important than having the right tools to make life easier;
G-Inter Alliance is committed to providing state-of the-art technology, so you and your executives never lose track of the process;
Friendly, easy-to-use tracking system, custom reports, cost control, expense management, KPIs, from your desk top or a mobile app.

Real-time program management

24/7 integrated web-based platform. The right tools to make life easier

Real Time

24/7 Real-time, permissionbased access to all mobility information; Create new authorizations; track and manage exceptions.

Tracking Record System

Track every step of the process; access and upload documents; store policies, forms and other documents; track sensitive communications and follow up.

ad-hoc reporting

View reports that matter to you. KPIs, identify trends, track costs and expenses, and the overall success of the assignments.

Employee Support

Provide employees with easy access to their file, view and upload documents and contact information of their the key parties involved in their process.

Quality is our unit of measure

  • + 96% Customer Satisfaction;
  • What matters to you is what matters to us. We will include your KPIs on our daily dashboard reports;
  • We have our own high standards, that’s why we take KPIs seriously;
  • We care about everything we do;
  • KPIs are measured on a real-time dash board, as we strive to exceed your expectations.


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