From initiation to departure and during the assignment, G-Inter will be there to guide you step by step. Going beyond simple standard DSP related services, G-inter will also improve the day to day interaction and life style of everyone.




This program provides the transferee with a brief orientation introduction to the city to better understand the location and what living there will be like for them and their family.



Property Search

We can provide a comprehensive property search program, in any country, for transferees who intend to stay in their new location for 12 months or more. This helps to ensure that their new home matches their lifestyle requirements right from the start.



School Search

The right school for a transferee’s children is vital for a successful assignment. At G-Inter we can conduct a comprehensive school search, in any country, to find the ideal school for children of all ages and backgrounds.



Temporary Housing

A program offered to transferred professionals who intend staying for only a short period. G-Inter present the clients with furnished apartments – whether if the transfere are on a business trip, are moving or temporarily relocating, or are just in a short assigment.



Tailor-made Assistance:

  • Hire services such as internet and cable TV;
  • Hire professionals for house maintenance services, such as: painting, plumbing, electricity etc;
  • Assistance services to interview domestic professionals;
  • Ending of a lease contract for a property and its return to the landlord;
  • Consultancy to help return a property to the owner.




  • Personal organizer;
  • Cleaning and maintenance arrangements;
  • Airport pick up;
  • Assistance for house refitment.




  • Acquisition of furniture and electronic appliances;
  • Lease of furniture and electronic acquisitions;
  • Budget management.


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