Anti Bribery and Anti Corruption Policy

As part of FIDI’s global alliance, G-Inter Removals and Relocation takes total stance to support the FIDI’s Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption program

This program allows us to clearly show our position regarding bribery and corruption in the international move industry;
It is well known that bribery and corruption are unacceptable and can harm business in different ways and that is why it is part of our code of conduct not to tolerate any kind of action bonded to these practices.

Information Security Policy

G-Iinter recognizes the responsibility and importance of Data privacy,
used in the business. This documents sets out the guidelines for the
treatment of the information, as regards the collection, use, retention,
disclosure and disposal of personal information. In addition, the
organization protects the information to ensure its integrity,
confidentiality and availability. G-Inter considers, its information and
knowledge resources of high strategic importance, for this reason
maintains the information security system aimed at protect and retain
their competitive intelligence.

Social Responsibility Policy

G INTER seeks to contribute to the society development, promoting social integration actions and fight against discrimination.

Quality Policies

Provide transportation and global mobility services, meeting the expectations of our clients.

Environmental Policy

Provide transportation and global mobility services, preserving and generating sustainability actions to the environment.

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